About the Conference – Modern Bar Association Conference 2019


About the Conference

Modern Bar Association Conference 2019
Warsaw, 13-14 June 2019
Venue: Bellotto Hotel, Senatorska street 13/15, 00-075 Warsaw

About the Modern Bar Association Conference

The conference is aimed to share knowledge and best practices on how different bars operate in certain areas and achieve their goals. The conference will explore the best practices of Bar Associations in different countries and their strengths, also opportunities and challenges facing modern Bar Associations.

Language of the conference – English (only)

Topics to cover include (among others):

1. the Bar Association – the big picture presentation (general overview) – including:
    members’ numbers, tasks, organizational structure, infrastructure (premises,
    human resources, IT solutions etc.)
2. specific tasks of the Bar Association – including: keeping registers and records
    of the Bar members, organizing professional development and vocational 
    training, organizing legal apprenticeship (traineeships), role of the
    Bar Association in legal practice, ensuring ethical conduct of lawyers, organizing
    social activities, lobbying, monitoring and enforcing of observance of professional
    rules and principles, role of bars in professional insurance, PR and promotion of
    the profession, international cooperation, IT to support performed task, others.

Speakers may present in details:

1. success stories
2. strengths of the Bar
3. case studies
4. best practices
5. best organization
6. challenges and answers
7. the best area of Bar’s operations